To preserve his memory and his thinking ability with the sport !

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Not only the benefits of sport on health are undeniable, but it turns out that it can also boost brain function of adults, and in particular, seniors. Sport and memory are so closely linked as demonstrated by many studies.

Préserver sa mémoire et sa capacité de réflexion avec le sport

The benefit of sport on the memory
Practice the sport at age 50 is essential for the human body, because this age marks a period of transition when the strength and ability of muscle may fall substantially if it remains inactive. A debuff that has a direct impact on health, with an increase in the risk of a fall or of contracting a cardiovascular disease. Therefore, in order to avoid losing autonomy, the practice of regular physical activity is necessary at all.

So far, the benefits of sport do not stop there ! In fact, it is now proved that the sport is used to boost memory in adults, in preserving the neuronal connections. Ideally, it would be necessary to start practicing a regular physical activity early in life in order to preserve their intellectual abilities once retired. But even the senior citizens who were not of sports up here, and who wish to put today, can also benefit from a significant improvement of their cognitive performance and memory.

That says exactly the science about ?
As of 2003, the positive effects of sport on the memory have been demonstrated by a long-term study by University College London. Nearly 2,000 adults were followed for two decades : their physical activity was assessed at the age of 36 years, and their verbal memory at age 43 and 53 years. The results were without call : the people who performed regular exercises during the period were able to benefit from a better memory later on.

In 2014, a study by the Georgia Institute of Technology has also shown that the effects are very fast. He was asked to two groups of students to memorize 90 photos : the first group then practiced strength-training exercises, while the second remained seated. Two days after, he was asked to recognize the pictures previously seen among a larger sample. The group is driven has then been able to recognize on average 60 % of the pictures presented, where the second group has recognized that only half.

The following year, Boston university has shown that walking has positive effects on the visual memory of older workers : those who were doing a walk each day achieved better results in the tests. The study has even shown that the ability to recognize faces and associate them with names increased with the number of steps made each day !

How do you explain this phenomenon ?
Thanks to research done on the brains of mice, researchers already know for many years that the sport has a beneficial action on neurons of the mammalian (including the human part). Specifically, the physical exercise causes the production of proteins, myosins, which push the brain to produce, in turn, growth factors, playing a fundamental role in the creation of new neurons and synaptic connections. In other words, the more you do exercises the muscle, the more one increases his cognitive abilities !

Experts recommend that adults of all ages to perform at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day at least 5 times per week to preserve their memory. A practice sports regularly, which also enables senior citizens to live longer and who is involved in the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

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