Most common vision problems and eye diseases among senior citizens

With age, health problems tend to take on more importance, in particular diseases of the eye. If they are not treated or followed, vision problems cause many difficulties in daily life for seniors. Get to know them better and helps to heal them.

troubles de la vue senior

Consult as soon as the first symptoms

As other diseases or conditions related to the physical health of senior citizens, eye disorders are manifested by changes identifiable by several criteria. A reduction more or less significant view can accompany toned-down colors or dull. Of the contours or of features well defined (for example, straight lines) deformation. The acuity of the eye hangs on a part or in its entirety. Collect black spots or discrete flashes is also an element not to be overlooked.

In these different cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor or a vision specialist such as an ophthalmologist, to obtain a reliable diagnosis and precise. Some diseases can worsen or better explain the health problems, including diabetes. In addition to proper care, treatment is complementary to a diet according to the persons concerned. A senior athlete or active will not be a therapy identical to that of a senior, sedentary, or have other health problems.

The main vision problems

There are many diseases of the eye. Among the most well-known, the cataract is reflected by a clouding of the crystalline lens. In practice, this prevents the light to pass normally, which increases the sensitivity to clarity. The main symptom of cataract causes blurred vision. Regarding the symptoms of AMD (macular degeneration related to age), visual acuity drops dramatically. It is this affection that leads to an alteration of forms, or the appearance of black spots. AMD deteriorates the center of the retina.

A less serious but just as much of a handicap in daily life, the presbyopia. In contrast to myopia, this condition of the sight prevents seeing close with sharpness. Often, the causes of presbyopia are summarized in an aging of the crystalline lens which flexibility decreases when it shrinks to distinguish an object close to you. In contrast, glaucoma is a condition that is more severe. The symptoms of glaucoma are : pain characterized at the level of the eyes (which translated to increased pressure), peripheral vision diminished, noticeable drop in acuity. Current treatments inhibit its progression but do not cure.

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