What is covered by the mutual health in the event of the departure abroad ?

Expat or future expat ? Appropriate advice : learn it immediately on the system health of the host country.
Anyway, an international health insurance supplemental is strongly recommended. Social protection abroad is essential to cope with the vagaries of health and accidents.
Choose a formula that offers warranties tailored to your budget and your expectations to keep you protected in all circumstances.

mutuelle expatrié

Health Insurance and the expatriate : what operation ? What refunds ?

I am considered an expatriate if :
– I have been working abroad for a foreign employer,
I live abroad,
– my employer asks me to work abroad for a limited period of time, but has not chosen the regime of detachment,
I am detached, but the maximum period of detachment has been reached.
The situation of expatriate lost to the insured of his rights to the French health Insurance. The expatriate reports to the social security scheme of the country where he works and must contribute to this plan. However, he can choose to continue to benefit from the French health Insurance by joining the Caisse des Français de l’etranger (CFE).

Health expenses abroad

It is important to be very careful. In countries such as the United States, Canada, or some countries of Asia, medical care is very expensive, approaching sometimes of exorbitant amounts of money and disproportionate.
It is advisable to sign a contract that guarantees the reimbursement of medical expenses and medical repatriation in case of illness abroad.

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