What amount of reimbursement can you expect for your glasses with a mutual ?

My sight problems are more binding ? It will be necessary to adopt the glasses with prescription glasses or contact lenses.
These facilities are often expensive, and scalable.
It is important to know the warranties from its contract health to know the level of coverage and an estimate of the rebates optical. Defects of vision are increasingly taking place ? It may be time to consider increasing the guarantees on this area.

Remboursement optique mutuelle

Health Insurance : what is supported, what are the reimbursements for my expenses optic ?

The ophthalmologist prescribed me with eyeglasses, or contact lenses. And I would like to know the repayments optic that I can expect ?

It is quite simple. Eyeglasses (frame and lenses) are supported on medical prescription, up to 60 % on the basis of the repayments optics provided by the social Security. The official tariffs are rather far from the prices charged at the opticians, even if these have tended to diminish.

For adults, the frame of spectacles is reimbursed at 60 % on the basis of a tariff set to 2.84 €. For glasses, this is variable, depending on the degree of correction. The refund is also 60 % on prices ranging from 2.29 € for a glass of white single-focus, sphere correction of-6.00 to +6.00-24,54 € for a glass of white multifocal or progressive, sphere, outside the correction area -8,00 to +8,00.
Contact lenses are also reimbursed at 60 % on the basis of an annual fee, from date to date, by eye, is fitted, attached to 39,48 €. This applies to all types of lenses : reusable or not, daily or weekly…

The refund can take place several times a year, if my vision is changing. My health insurance optical can support all or part of the expenses not reimbursed by health Insurance.

Cocoon : a mutual efficient optical

Cocoon distinguishes the glasses with single vision lenses and eye glasses with lenses complex in the different levels of warranty that it offers.

Glasses or contact lenses ? What choice to make ?

Depending on the formula chosen, the glasses with single vision lenses are reimbursed between 100 % and 375 € and the glasses with lenses complex are reimbursed between 100 % and 525 €. For example, I need glasses and I choose a-mount to $ 100 with two glasses of white progressive correction located between 4.00 combined power and +4,00, for a total of 200 €. The social Security reimburses only 1,70 € for my mount (60% of 2,84 € used as price reference), and 4.39 for, € by the glass (60% 7,32 € used as price reference). On the 200 € that cost me my glasses, in the absence of mutual health, 189,51 € remain in my care.

Attention, a refund from a mutual to a 100% does not mean that the mutual will take all the rest in charge, but only that it will add the add-in to achieve the rate of reference set by the social security 17,48 € for the previous example. Still far short of the 200 € more than my glasses I have cost. Therefore it may be interesting that I turn to a formula that pays up to 200 or 300%.

With Cocoon, the lenses are reimbursed at 100 % of the tariff repository, regardless of the formula chosen. Reimbursement perspective of the mutual amounted to 78,96 € per year for the two eyes (39,48 e by eye).

Seniors are very susceptible to vision problems, it is necessary for them to opt for the coverage of maximum guarantee to ensure the best reimbursement mutual optical possible. However, vision problems can affect anyone, regardless of age. Also, even executive employees, assets, non-assets must feel concerned by this health problem. Always most present with the number of screens that invade homes and offices.

Cocoon : a mutual complete

Cocoon it is more than 80 years of experience, 1 600 000 insured persons and 1 200 employees in the service of its members. In all circumstances, even if they are expatriates, Cocoon has only one objective, to meet the expectations of its policyholders. Hospitalization, dental, doctors, medicines, all the needs of health insurance is covered, with different levels of guarantee depending on the formula chosen. I only have to choose from in the offers the solution that suits me and I will be quiet, Cocoon provides for me.

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