What mutual choose in being an official ?

Take care of my health and the health of my family can get me to perform care spending and medical examinations. Whether it is treatments, scheduled or one-off, my expenses will be partially reimbursed, hence the interest of choosing my mutual employee according to my situation, to protect myself.

Mutuelle fonctionnaire

Employee : the benefits of a mutual related to this status

As an employee of the public Service, the organization to which I am attached (town hall, ministry, chamber of commerce, etc.) can offer me a mutual employee. This offer is not a necessity, but it can raise awareness of the potential health problems that are likely to touch me. In fact, this can be a great way to compare with other mutual pricing, but especially their warranties. But before we do, it is important to determine my status to know about my rights and benefits.
An employee in the hospital field has for example a total freedom and selects the complementary health that he prefers. A senior or a young active employee in the territorial public Service could also benefit from mutual specialised and specific to the statute, which offer more privileges than a mutual general practitioner. In this respect, the most successful present of the costs and guarantees clearly beneficial, recognized by a label. As an officer of the public Service of the State, it can select a complementary health classic or the department to which it is attached.

Another “classic” or mutual specialized ?

It is important to clearly define its status, the aid and its preferences. I have the choice between a mutual official “classic” that offers me the same benefits as to a person in the private sector, or a mutual company with terms that are more specific to my job. In the first case, I take advantage of benefits in respect of medical care, hospitalization, treatment or examinations. With a label, this mutual general offers excellent safeguards for my health and the health of my family. For example, it may be suitable to an officer of the territorial public Service who wishes to adhere to a certain budget line.
On the other hand, if I opt for the second solution, that is, a mutual official specialized, I have a right to guarantees that adapt to my professional situation. I am a teacher, police officer or even an official expat, the risks associated with my activity are not the same. That is why my supplementary health takes account of these disparities and allows me to create safeguards specific to my needs and my expectations. To keep costs under control, the organization that I have selected can also be part of a network working in partnership with some of the specialists, as Santéclair, the French leader in the field of medical care.

Cocoon, a team of professionals who are offering me solutions that are relevant

With Cocoon, I get in touch with competent teams and available to answer my questions. Whether for the officials, but also for retirees, for senior citizens or expatriates, the mutual health Cocoon adapts to all profiles with no less than 11 forms. Supply Eco for a minimum protection to the special offer (ideal for protection of family), my medical expenses are reimbursed according to my preferences. Hospitalization, medication, dental care, examinations in a practitioner’s specialist… : everything is possible !
I have the ability to join up to the age of 80 years without passing tests prior. Accessible to all, the rates do not include any additional fees. In addition, in the event of unforeseen circumstances or emergency, Cocoon accompanies me and makes my provision of specific services, such as support of a third isolated, child custody or support of a hospital at home. With low prices, a personalised approach and guarantees for all the family, the Cocoon is the ideal partner to choose a mutual employee, especially for seniors.

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