What health insurance to choose based on my needs ?

What mutual choose ? The answer to this question requires to analyse the situation accurately. It is essential to make the right choice – to know her health needs to choose the most suitable formula in terms of the warranties and guarantees offered by the mutual companies.

choisir sa mutuelle

The role of a mutual

The taken in charge of the finances of the sickness Insurance do not guarantee a refund of the entirety of health spending. It is here that the mutual is involved, here that it finds its role, its reason to exist. In effect, the mutual offers of repayments more important in supplementing the reimbursements from the sickness Insurance. The choice of a mutual means to adapt to the family situation, the age of the persons to be insured (children, seniors…), the available budget, to the professional situation. Each mutual offers different formulas. There is no single formula for everyone : employee, without profession, senior, pensioner, student, children, new-born… mutual also offers additional services such as benefits, remote access to the network of professional partners, Santéclair, etc

How to choose my mutual ?

The benefits of the mutual Cocoon are many. And if I am not satisfied with its services, I can change each other easily and simply.
Compare the mutual between them is critical, therefore, to discover what the various players in the market are able to offer to me and also to measure all the benefits that Cocoon offers me. The comparison involves also a study on the rates/prices mutual to find the best offer. Compare the rates and the forms of warranties is very useful.

The advantages of my mutual health Cocoon

What health insurance to choose ? The choice is difficult. To help me, here are all the benefits of my mutual health Cocoon.
Cocoon, is to be sure that simply. The subscription is simple and immediate. The bid chosen is flexible on request. Without commitment, it is offer the possibility to change opinion, to change each other easily in case of dissatisfaction.
The pricing is transparent, clear and accurate : no hidden costs or fees. The prices are responsible : 5 % discount for the whole family as soon as I join at the same time as my spouse. Free is from the 3rd child
11 levels of security are possible. All refunds are paid within 48 hours.
Membership is possible for up to 80 years of age, no medical questionnaire and no waiting period.
A team of 1200 employees is constantly at my service, by phone, by mail, at my convenience. With Cocoon, I even has a mobile application to manage my contract and site Generation.fr to manage my account insured online. Be assured in the Cocoon also allows me to benefit from the assistance and the access to the network of professional partners, Santéclair.

Choose my mutual : latest tips useful

To choose a mutual company, one of the priorities is to understand the contract. In order to better understand the offers, and choose the formula most suited to my situation (expat…).
The offer Cocoon is wide to cover the needs of the greatest number. Its operation is simple and effective. Thanks to Cocoon I can benefit from the advantages negotiated through partnerships with various organizations.
A mutual for a single person presents an award to be very variable according to the enterprises and the levels of guarantee. Concretely, we can estimate the market price, between the lower end of the range and top of the range, between 20 € and 100 €.

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