What steps to terminate a mutual at the end of his contract ?

Initiate the termination of its mutual-to-maturity application to follow the legal procedure. Here is a tutorial from A to Z at the termination of my contract of mutual.

Organization offering complementary health, especially adapted to seniors, Cocoon requires no health questionnaire at the time of subscription, and does not impose any waiting period. For the sake of transparency, Cocoon explains to the members what are the steps to take to proceed with the termination of his health insurance, whether it expires or not (in the case of a purchase of mutual binding, increase in abuse, change of situation, etc). Focus on the steps to perform to cancel a mutual at the end of his contract.

Quelles démarches pour résilier une mutuelle à la fin de son contrat ?

Check before the whole thing the expiry date of my contract

Contracts of mutual, in general, have a duration of 1 year. But the date of expiry of my contract does not always correspond to its anniversary date, either 1 year after its signature, because it can also be set by the organization at the end of the calendar year, December 31. The first thing is to check the expiry date of my mutual, because the contracts for the mutual have a principle of tacit renewal, which means that my involvement with the organization will be renewed ex officio if I do not terminate. In the case where my contract expires and I wishes to terminate the agreement on its anniversary date, I must proceed with the termination of my health insurance benefits before the end of the notice listed in my contract (most often 1 to 2 months prior to the maturity date). Fortunately, mhos have a duty to provide information to their members.

The duty of disclosure of my mutual

The law Châtel aimed at protecting consumers is forcing mutual to notify them of the upcoming end of contracts, at the time of mailing of each notice due annual premium. This mailing must be done by the body within a maximum period of 15 days before the date limit of the period of notice specified in the contract. Three situations can then occur :
– if my mutual had fulfilled its duty of information in the legal times, my termination of mutual must be made before the end of the notice ;
– if my mutual sent its e-mail information for less than 15 days prior to the expiration date of such termination (the postmark authentic), I then has a period of notice of termination further 20 days from the mailing date of this letter ;
– if my mutual has totally failed in its duty of information concerning my right of withdrawal and that no mail reached me, I can terminate my mutual when I please, without penalties, from the date of renewal of the contract. The termination of my contract of mutual shall take effect on the day after my sending (the postmark being still faith). It is a simple procedure.

A termination by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

Regardless of my situation in relation to the three cases mentioned above, the termination of my health insurance goes through a sending of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt (recorded delivery). It allows me to establish a legal proof of the date of the shipment, as well as that of its good reception. This evidence will be used in the event of a dispute with my mutual. But I can also terminate my mutual prior to maturity.

Is it also possible to proceed with the termination of my mutual before the end of the contract ?

If the law Châtel enables you to terminate my mutual at any time in the case where the body has failed to fulfil its duty of information with regard to the coming deadline of my contract, it is also possible to proceed to the development of my contract of mutual non-maturity. Again, a letter of termination must be sent to my mutual, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

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