What are the causes of Cholesterol ? How to live with ?

Real problem of public health, the cholesterol concern more than 20 % of the adult population of france. It would also be in charge of a myocardial two-and is therefore of particular concern for the physical health of seniors. What are the causes of cholesterol ? How to avoid it or minimize its consequences in daily life ?

Quelles sont les causes du Cholestérol ?

The cholesterol, what is it ?

Contrary to popular belief, cholesterol is not a disorder or a disease in and of itself. In reality, it is a lipid essential to the human body which is secreted by the liver. In fact, it plays an important role for the preservation of cells and for some hormones. It employs, nevertheless, the term to translate an excess of fat in the blood, that can also be called the bad cholesterol. In general, it comes from the food.

An unbalanced diet or too much saturated fat remains one of the main causes of cholesterol. Meat, fish, eggs, shellfish or dairy products and meats are so consume with moderation. However, some people are affected because of their age (including seniors), gender, or hereditary factors. If it is not in any way responsible for the cholesterol, stress can worsen the general condition of the patient.

Symptoms related to cholesterol and care possible

There are several symptoms that could be translated as the manifestation of cholesterol. Among these, a sharp pain in the chest is certainly the most serious. This means that the heart lack of oxygen. If the pain is too intense or lasts a long time, there is a risk of myocardial infarction. Other warning signs are to be taken into account, including shortness of breath, or sudden fatigue, dizziness, palpitations or difficulty in speaking. These symptoms are even more severe if they occur in the home of a senior.

Depending on the degree of severity and the advice of a doctor, there are several treatments available for living with the cholesterol. Certain medications such as resins, statins, or fibrates limit or reduce the rate of cholesterol in the blood. In the event of a complication or an advanced stage (cardiovascular), we may consider a surgical operation in order to relieve pressure on one or several vessels. It is then an angioplasty with stent, if necessary, the insertion of a balloon heart or a stent.

Living well with cholesterol

However, the treatments mentioned above are not effective if one does not remove the bad habits. Just as some diseases of the heart or diseases rights to gastroenterology, the improvement of the hygiene of life is necessary to not suffer from complications. A healthy and balanced diet (alcohol consumption is to be minimized, while fruits and vegetables are highly recommended, and regular physical activity prove to be excellent starting points, especially for seniors.

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