What repayments to get with a mutual dental ?

Dental care, dental prostheses, orthodontics for adults, consultations to the dentist : what are the fees charged for these acts ?
Often, these acts are very expensive, therefore, it is essential to know what are the supported by the health Insurance. And to complete these refunds, a mutual fit is important.
Check now the guaranteed in my contract health allows me to know the terms of repayment.

Frais dentaires

Health Insurance : what is supported, what are the refunds for my dental expenses ?

Consultations with a dentist or a doctor stomatologiste agreement are supported by health Insurance to the tune of 70 % on the basis of contractual tariffs.
For example, for a consultation of 23 € in a surgeon-dentist, the insurance shall reimburse me 16,10 €, which is 70% of total amount paid. Without mutual it is therefore the responsibility of the patient, 6,90 €.

Dental care such as teeth cleaning, treatment of caries and surgical treatment such as extraction, are also taken care of by the Insurance if they are included on the list of acts and benefits refundable, and are reimbursed at 70 % on the basis of contractual tariffs.
For example, for a scaling paid 29,92 €, the health Insurance reimburses 70% of the amount paid 20,24 €. Without mutual it is therefore the responsibility of the patient, 9,68 €.

For dental prostheses, the principle is the same. For example, for a crown paid 107,50 €, the reimbursement will be 75,25 € or 70 % of the total amount paid. Without mutual it is therefore the responsibility of the patient, 32,25 €. But here, the rate of the dental prosthesis being free, beware of unpleasant surprises. The remaining burden is often very important.

The exceedances of fees are possible in some cases and are totally or partially reimbursed by certain mutual insurance companies ” dental “. The remaining burden is a part is non-negotiable, regardless of the action performed. The patient must strictly follow the regulations of the rest to load. Very often, a senior, a retiree, with a pension or average pension level, finds itself in a financial situation to be very uncomfortable. Hence the need to have a mutual fit.

Cocoon : my mutual dental effective

The dental costs are relatively expensive. In particular, because the rates of some of the practitioners are free, and there are acts out of nomenclature, therefore, not refundable by the social Security.

Cocoon provides a most important assumption for the care its members need. A commitment all the more important at a time when the health insurance offers reimbursement for dental increasingly thin.

In addition, Cocoon is a reward for the loyalty of its members. How ? By granting a bonus of 50 % in the case of non-use during the first two years for the dental. By choosing Cocoon, I opt for a mutual dental I provides optimal support in all circumstances.
For seniors, retirees, the expenditure related to the dental field are important. Advancing age, the care is often essential and always more expensive. Also, it is strongly recommended that seniors not to neglect this essential part of their health insurance.

Cocoon : a mutual complete

Cocoon has more than 80 years of experience, 1 600 000 insured persons and 1 200 employees who focus on quality of service, simplicity and flexibility to satisfy the expectations of its members in all situations. Each of the formulas proposed offers levels of service tailored to my needs. Hospitalization, optical, physicians, medication, it always a solution that suits me. With Cocoon I make the choice of peace.

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