What are the advantages of a mutual ?

Regardless of my situation, the advantages of a mutual health are numerous and undeniable. The primary role of a mutual health is to enable its members to cope financially with health expenditure. In fact, regardless of the act performed – consulting a doctor or a specialist, purchase of medicines, dental care, or purchase of glasses, the health Insurance does not support 100% of the expenses related to these acts. Accordingly, to complement these rebates, it is necessary to choose a good mutual to get the best repayments.

 avantages mutuelle

Join a mutual health ? Yes, but why ?

The first role of a mutual health is the social protection and health in all circumstances. This requires, therefore, the funding of access to health care. Its role is “complementary” to that of the sickness Insurance and is based on the principle of pooling (healthy people pay for people who need medical care). A mutuelle reimburses what the health Insurance does not reimburse, not enough, any more, or sometimes. A good mutual company, it is a guarantee of peace. A mutual takes into account my family situation, with offers tailored to my health needs. It is modern with access to its online services (e-services) offering attractive offers and discounts. It is in my listening via agencies physical and telephone customer service, open and committed in sharing files, expert advice, good practice health. A mutual health allows me to take care of myself, without coming to refuse care because they seem to me to be too expensive.

A mutual benefits

The multitude of health mutuals on the market may offer various advantages, according to the forms and levels of warranties that are underwritten :
– the third-party payer ;
– extra services to facilitate daily life : assistance in the event of an accident, immobilization or hospitalization ;
– a customer account with e-services (editing of documents and certificates, simplification of procedures) ;
– partners dedicated to the insured persons available and responsive ;
– split payment : the annual dues may be paid in installments, without additional fees ;
– refunds simplified and fast ;
– access to a network of health professionals ;
– reductions on contributions on the basis of the number of members ;
– free for the attachment of a child from the third child, the fourth, etc.);
– bonuses to defer a year-on-year in the case of non-use ;
To the participant to choose which of these benefits are paramount.

Cocoon, a mutual health different

Even if it is a good idea to compare the mutual to find the best price mutual : seniors, active youth, students, retirees, managers, employees, Cocoon has a formula health for you. And in case of dissatisfaction, it is possible to change mutual : the Cocoon is without commitment.

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