What are the different types of insurance organizations ?

Several types of organizations provide complementary health (mutual, pension institutions, insurance companies, banks, mutual insurance…). To choose one or the other of these organizations, it is important to understand the function of each.

organismes d'assurance

The usefulness of insurance agencies

Health Insurance is a major player in the social protection system. His intervention above those of the insurance organizations. This basic scheme is mandatory and applies to everyone, young people, active seniors, not to mention the retirees. The State is responsible for its smooth operation. The social Security allows for the partial reimbursement of the expenses incurred in case of treatment, consultation, examinations, or hospitalization. However, the excessive cost of some services (in particular, the specialists, or long-term care) can quickly build up and weigh heavy on my budget.

Mutual funds, insurance companies, banks and institutes of foresight : what to choose ?

To protect me and ward off the unexpected, I can appeal to a muvirtual reality. This insurance agency has the same specifications as an association. In addition to the lack of capital, it is non-profit. Indeed, they are its members that manage and select benefits that I enjoy. After a vote of the members, some of them are elected to form the board of directors or the general assembly as a volunteer.

Moreover, insurance companies also offer additional health, as private structures-for-profit. According to my budget and my requests, they are able to suggest me a complementary insurance and, possibly, a mutual pension fund. In certain circumstances, I can benefit from the assistance of a broker, mutual, or choose a mutual online. The benefits prove to be complete and adaptable to any type of requirements. In the same vein, the banks have similar services as a ” bancassurance operator “. Note that, if the insurance company you choose is of mutual form (it offers mutual and non-insurance), its organization is identical to that of a mutual. Its members, therefore, are voluntary, and the shareholders are not remunerated.
Finally, I can also make a call to the pension fund. This type of insurance organisation that is set up by a company or a particular activity in partnership with the trade unions. These last are in charge of its operation. The great majority of institutes of foresight involved in contracts, collective. In this sense, the participative management between the representatives of the employees and the employees of the company is overseen by a board of directors. The contracts often have characteristics unique to a profession or a society, while covering the risks related to an illness, a death, an accident at work or unable to perform his job.

Cocoon, an offer of complementary health who looks like me

Depending on my situation (senior, single or family…) and the expectations that I fed, choose my mutual requires to be knowledgeable and understand the operation of different types of insurance organizations. With theoffers Cocoon, health-care professionals are to my listening (online quote, counsellor available by telephone…) to offer me benefits that fit me. Reimbursement of dental care, consultation with a specialist, optical or hospitalization, anything is possible thanks to a panel of six formulas, fully customizable, Eco, Essential+, Comfort+, Privilege… The mutual Cocoon also puts at my disposal the formulas of health mutuals that cater to retirees and seniors without a medical exam. In addition, I take advantage of low rates and appropriate care through Santéclair, the first network of care in France, which puts me in contact with the best specialists.

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