What types of safeguards offer a mutual ?

Cocoon is the health insurance with ease. Everyone – especially seniors and retirees – will find the formula most suited to his situation, and at the best price.

type garanties mutuelle

11 formulas are proposed to protect the insured, depending on the medical situation, but also of its budget.

Each of these formulas provides safeguards to different, more or less extended. Before choosing one or the other form of mutual, it is essential to properly understand my contract in order to control the refunds possible, depending on the sector of care (hospitalization, routine care, dental, optical, etc.).
The warranties expressed in percentage are in percent of the basis of reimbursement of social Security, and this, within the limits of expenses actually incurred, proof.


The hospital is a cost center not to be overlooked. The fare is as much exponential as the length of my hospital stay increases. Medical and surgical fees are reimbursed between 100 % and 300 %. The costs of the stay and the operating room are reimbursed at 100 %, regardless of the formula chosen. About the comfort of my hospital stay, it will depend of course of the formula that I would have chosen. In fact, the particular room and ancillary costs, such as television, are more or less reimbursed according to my contract. When we know that the comfort of the sick may positively contribute to their healing, these costs are to be taken into consideration.

The current care

Routine health care (consultation with a doctor, medications prescribed, etc.) may be reimbursed between 100 % and 300 % depending on the formula chosen, between 0 € and 225 € for reviews preventive, between 0 € and 175 € for a vaccination and spa treatments reimbursed at least 100 % + 25 € per year, and up to 300 % + 175 € per year for the formula to be the most complete. The spa treatments and all preventive medicines are endorsed by seniors and retirees, more sensitive to their health.

The dental

Care conservatives are reimbursed at 100 % for all. Dental prostheses, as well as the inlay or onlay, such as orthodontics, crowns and cross the back teeth, may be reimbursed from 125% to 200 %. For crowns and inter-teeth in front, and the reimbursements vary between 125 % and 290 %.
The more dental : subsidy of 50 % at the end of the second year without use.

The optical

The optical glasses with single vision lenses are reimbursed between 100 % and 375 €, and the glasses with lenses complex between 100 % and 525 €. The lenses are prescribed and taken in charge by the social Security are reimbursed at 100 %. What are the safeguards to take into consideration in choosing a mutual, in particular for seniors who are, unfortunately, more prone to this kind of inconvenience.


The expatriate also has every interest in maintaining health insurance coverage satisfactory. Even abroad, it is essential to be well protected to receive the best care in the event of a problem. But the doctor’s fees abroad are often very expensive. Expatriates therefore have every interest in maintaining a good mutual in France and to think about the termination of a mutual company that does not cover abroad.

If the accession to the mutual requirement of the company that employs the expat is not imperative, it is possible to choose Cocoon. Without health questionnaire, with no waiting period, Cocoon allows you to stay well covered, even abroad.

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