What is macular degeneration age-related (AMD) ?

The macular degeneration related to age (or AMD) is a disorder of sight relatively common after sixty. In fact, about 10 % of the French population is concerned, mainly the seniors. However, one should not neglect it or postpone care, because its consequences on the daily life can be really disabling.


Macular degeneration, age-related, what is it ?

There are two types of AMD. The first is the AMD, atrophic or dry. This is the most common. It is characterized by the atrophy of the center of the retina, the macula. The disease evolves over several years, and results in a significant decrease of the central vision. It causes irreversible damage, but spares the peripheral vision (except in the presence of other vision problems). These are the repositories at the heart of the retina that give the impression to perceive the dark spots or black.

In the absence of treatment or recognition of the symptoms, the illness leads to its second form : the AMD exudative or wet. The condition occurs in the same way, except that it marks a worsening of the symptoms and consequences. The filing adds to the appearance of blood vessels, which accelerate the degeneration visual. In addition to age, heredity, inflammatory diseases or smoking are factors favoring the disease and its evolution.

Symptoms and treatments of AMD

The symptoms of AMD are manifold. In addition to the appearance of black spots in the center of vision, straight lines become distorted, colors fade, there are less contrasts. In addition, the darkness accentuates these symptoms. In the long term this can even lead to a chronic fatigue in the elderly, particularly in their daily work. Therefore, specialist advice is essential to confirm or refute the AMD.

Unfortunately, AMD has no treatment at the present time. Only wet AMD can be treated. It is possible to turn to an appropriate medication (called anti-VEGF) to inhibit the proliferation of blood vessels. There are also therapies laser or dynamic phototherapy. A surgical operation is possible depending on the situation. The doctor incise the retina and removes the vessels sub-retinal prior to injection of an air bubble to promote healing. Depending on the methods used, the cost of the intervention varies from 1 000 € to 2 000 € for one eye.

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