Terminate its mutual health in the framework of the law Châtel

A multitude of reasons that can push a senior or senior employee to terminate his mutual : increase contributions, decrease of guarantees, late repayments.

Previously, to terminate its mutual, the insured must generally wait for the term of his contract. Today, the termination of a supplementary health prior to maturity is possible in some cases. Even more than the adherence to the mutual binding of the enterprise is sometimes an imperative for the employee.

No health questionnaire and no waiting period, Cocoon avoids the heavy administrative procedures in the usual manner. A mutual simple.

Résilier sa mutuelle

Termination to the date annual renewal date of the contract or termination in the fields of application of the law Châtel

Usually be tacitly renewed every year, my mutual may be terminated at maturity. I can, on the anniversary date of my contract without having to justify my choice – put an end to my contract of health. The insurer has the obligation to inform the insured of the date by which they may terminate their contract with the payment notice annual that must be sent between 3 months and 15 days before the end of the contract – obligation is in force since 28 July 2005, via the law Chatel. If this duty of disclosure is not complied with within the time limits set by the law Chatel, the insured person is entitled to 20 additional days to terminate. And if the insurer fails to send this notice, then the insured may terminate it at any time.

The cancellation deadline is the case of such termination, the most frequent. However, in some circumstances, the insured can terminate his contract without having to wait for its term.

Termination outside the annual renewal date of the contract

Outside the annual renewal date of the contract, several of the grounds of termination are possible :
– in the event of a change of situation ;
– as a result of membership of a mutual company ;
– as a result of an unjustified increase of the annual premium (except if a clause providing for the revisions is included in the contract).

A change of situation can be considered as a legitimate reason for termination. The condition that this change will have an impact on the risk guaranteed. We can mention : a change of address, status or marital regime, profession. Three months after the event, a registered letter must be sent. The termination will take effect 1 month after its receipt by the insurer.

In the case of membership in a mutual company, a letter of termination should be sent accompanied by a supporting statement.

An unjustified increase of the annual premium allows for a termination of the mutual. A cancellation request must be sent within 15 days of the announcement of this increase, which was not envisaged in the original contract by a revision clause. The contract is broken within 1 to 2 months after receipt of the letter.

Withdraw from my mutual

Whether a termination to the maturity date or, in the case of the termination of the law Chatel, a termination outside maturity date, to terminate my mutual in good and due form is a most important thing.

Each contract is specific, the best advice is to look at the heading “termination” of my contract of health insurance. In general, administratively, the termination is simple. You just need to send the insurer a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. This acknowledgement will prevent any dispute about a possible challenge to date.

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