Valentine’s day : 10 books that speak so well of love

There are those that accompany us since our first emotions, those who help us in our romantic relationships, those who we émoustillent, those who have allowed us to thwart these myths about love that can lead us astray.

You love or hate Valentine’s day, the feast of love is a beautiful opportunity to talk about love, to talk to you about all these books that have marked our hearts.

The Foam of the days by Boris Vian and Love Story – Erich Segal
The choice of Marie-Laurence
The two love stories that I have marked fifteen years of age are The Scum of the days by Boris Vian and Love Story by Erich Segal. The first is a poetic tale, the second could take place in the America of the 70’s. Both are stories of love absolute, heart-wrenching, where the disease then death was cut mercilessly on the heroines : “a lily grew in his right lung” for one of Vian, a leukemia to that of Segal. I realize today that these two stories have fed my next ” when-it-like-it-is-to-always “… I am flower-blue, I believe in the great love… I met him there twenty-five years old and I live since with him all day.

Nadja, by André Breton
The choice of Lucien
Nadja “because in Russian it is the beginning of the word hope, and because this is only the beginning,” this is the story of an encounter between André Breton and Nadja, a relationship outside of time and beyond the standards. If the story is not a love story in the traditional sense of the term, Breton declared, ” I don’t like Nadja, but I’m bored when I don’t see it “, he questions our relationship to feelings of love, the “standards” in love, our expectations vis-à-vis the other… This other, that even when we feel the closest to him is still, somewhere, such as Nadja “a wandering soul” who could we escape from one moment to the other.

Valiant, Albert Cohen
The choice of Isabel
When we hear the name Albert Cohen, it’s usually to mention Beautiful in the Lord, without a doubt, one of the most sublime novels of love in the history of literature. However, Albert Cohen conveys the passion in his colorful novel The Valiant, where the irresistible Mangeclous, one of the uncles of the hero, will demystify the passion in a few paragraphs, setting his fate to Anna Karenina, the great love born from the pen of Tolstoy. In my opinion, it is the reading more beneficial to make fall the Prince Charming of his pedestal and as a safeguard to disappointment for eternity. Judge yourself by imagining the lover of Anna, the Prince Wronsky, having a colonic, and ” trying to stick out, pale and clammy, while she told him his eternal passion. And him, he raises his foot to hold back. And as she expressed surprise, he explained that he did a bit of gymnastics Norwegian ! ”

I take care of my couple, Fabienne Kraemer
The choice of Laurence
This is the book to read when the couple is running out of steam but we still want to believe in it. When the passion has been worn down by the daily and the children, and that we do not know how to break the silence, overcome the disappointments, is witness to a love that you feel and yet always there. The author, a psychoanalyst in love with love, ” dissects the mechanisms at work in the distance. It provides advice very accessible and effective to regain the complicity, tenderness, the desire. Among them : invent a ritual of a couple. Decide, every day, to find ourselves for a moment to two, without children, without tv, without mobile phones. Telling the stories of his day, his emotions, his desires, the time for a walk with the dog, a morning coffee, or a glass before the evening meal.

Tarendol, of René Barjavel
The choice of Thibaut
It is a story that mixes passion, love, lust and death. The narrator warns us : “A love story, and when the world can disappear in a spark, we must hasten to love. It is also a story of blood and death, but it is above all a love story. If you encounter so often in blood and death, it is that it is a story of all the days, and, in addition, a history of our days. “The meeting carnal between John and Mary, almost susurrée, full of modesty, and yet lascivious in the extreme, to me, is one
scenes of the most sensual and erotic of Barjavel.

Together but alone, Christophe Fauré
The choice of Margaux
Why we happens, sometimes we feel if only-by-side or one that we consider to be our other half ? Why do we feel sometimes so sad not being sufficiently listened to, understood, supported by the other, or sometimes, if frustrated by a lack of attention to detail, common projects or routine heavy ? What is the difficult feeling of solitude reveals our couple and ourselves ? For me, this book has been beneficial to reconsider my expectations of the other. He reminds us that he is not there to fill a lack and that to love him for himself, it is also to accept our existential loneliness.

Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov
The choice of Eloise
At an age where I had not yet really experienced the love and the turmoil it causes, I had a vision juvenile and stereotypical portrayal of this feeling. This book has completely shaken my ideals well-behaved ! The story itself, which tells the story of a forbidden love between a man and a little girl, is already quite disturbing… but more upsetting still, it is surprising to focus on the complexity of the psychology of the character, that should be the target of our hate : the pedophile, while it is hateful to the side manipulator and mercenary of the little girl. I was projected very far out of my comfort zone (ip). Far from the epic to the novelistic usual, this book, and the psychological torments of the protagonists, really impressed me for a long time…

Love in the time of cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The choice of Flavia
A passion, fiery, poetic, which unfolds over half a century, under the pen of captivating one of the greatest novelists in Latin america. At the end of the 19th century, in a small city in the Caribbean, a young telegrapher, Florentino Ariza falls madly in love with the dazzling and arrogant, Fermina Daza. For three years, they will live a burning passion until Fermina, choose for husband a young and rich doctor. Florentino will then cease to be a name and a fortune to win back Fermina. An exciting stroke of lightning lasting !

Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand
The choice of Audrey
This is not a love novel, it is a piece of theatre. But the purity of the feelings, that Cyrano for Roxane I was still upset. Cyrano loves Roxane. He knows (or he thinks) that he can not be loved in return, because of his physical ungrateful. It offers the beautiful and courageous Christian help conquer Roxane, and becomes his leaf blower. It avoids to Roxane the disappointment of having a lover who does not know to speak of love, she who is so precious. He is willing to do anything to make him happy, even to the fool. This unconditional love does never fail, even after the death of Christian. Cyrano leaves Roxane grieve for her husband by keeping the image of this character that they had built together. Until the time of his own death, where the beautiful understands, too late, the vastness and generosity of the feelings of Cyrano.

The more bright, Christian Bobin
The choice of Jessica
It is a long letter intimate to the love, beyond the paths of a disease of the absence premature. In this book, the writer Christian Bobin is addressed to his wife, who disappeared at the age of 44, from a ruptured aneurysm. Numbed by the pain, he speaks of the “fog on land emptied of her laughter”. It is a question of absence, of the omnipresence, of the belief in the infinite. I loved this book, it is filled with poetry and intelligence beautiful.

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