Health of seniors : learn All about the pathologies related to age

Whether they are physical or neurological, many diseases are age-related. Having more or less of an impact on the lives of the senior, they can be addressed with a view to cure or relieve the patient. Bone diseases, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the vision… State of the locations of diseases that may manifest themselves as years.


Physical illness

Among the long list of physical diseases that can develop in the elderly, include blurred vision, starting with the cataract that affects many people aged from 65 years. The health of senior citizens is also wrong with the diseases, osteo-articular. If the osteoarthritis for many French, the deterioration of the cartilage that covers the ends of bones tends to accelerate with age until the disappearance of the cartilage. The joints are more painful and, only, a good hygiene of life, based on a healthy and balanced diet, as well as practice of a light physical activity, may limit this phenomenon.

Diseases rights to gastroenterology or lung, diabetes or cholesterol, incontinence, or disorders of hearing… so Many pathologies, physical handicap also the seniors as to their occurrence. Again, the best remedy is to focus its efforts on its power. Avoid excess weight and practice a sporting activity non-traumatic reduce the risks. However, be careful not to fall in undernutrition.
Other disease conditions are more serious and endanger the life of the patient. These include cardio-vascular diseases, the leading causes of death in senior citizens in the western countries. High blood pressure, myocardial infarction, cerebral vascular accident… Three risks that a rehabilitation of the cardio-vascular system may decrease due to physical exercise for heart patients.

As for the cancers, if the risks are more important for the more than 50 years, it is important to know that mortality rates are declining. This is explained by the treatments more effective and testing more regularly. This is particularly the case for breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

The neuropsychiatric diseases

Alzheimer’s disease affects the cognitive functions of the patients and causes a progressive deterioration, which affects seniors overwhelmingly. The first clinical signs appear only from the age of 65 in most cases. This degenerative pathology of age-related is really unfortunate because little by little, the senior’s faculties of memory and its language to be significantly reduced.

Other neurological pathology : Parkinson’s disease manifested by tremor that the patient is unable to control. Many cases are recorded in France and especially in the elderly. The nervous system is affected and neurons, located in the area of your brain involving the motor skills, are dying gradually.

The health of senior citizens is also exposed to an increased risk of mental disorder. In fact, 15 % of seniors over 60 years old suffer from this type of neurological impairment. If the dementia is not a consequence of aging, it affects primarily older people. This pathology is characterized by disorders of memory and behaviour, associated with difficulties in performing simple tasks.

Often overlooked at the expense of physical illnesses, depression affects also many older people. It must be said that with age, the end of the professional career, a social life more limited and health problems, the elderly are subject to various risks leading to a depressive state.

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