Seniors : 5 tips to get back to the sport

Beyond a certain age, it is necessary to take certain precautions before you begin or resume a physical activity. To help you achieve your personal goals while maintaining your health, here are a few tips to sport for senior citizens.

reprise du sport

1. A prior consultation to the doctor

Do sports for a person who can’t improvise, because some of the physical activities may be contra-indicated according to the state of health or age. 20 years ago, it is possible to dispense with the opinion of his treating physician, but certainly not 50 or 60 years !

Before you begin a sports activity, it is thus necessary to first contact your family doctor, who may or may not recommend a cardiology consult and preventive and provide you with valuable tips to help avoid unfortunate occurrences.

2. Always warm up before any activity

To reduce the risk of cramps, tendonitis or discomfort, it is important to spend at least 5 minutes to warm-up to prepare your body : make circles with your arms and half-circles with the head, then stretch your legs on a bench.

The purpose of this exercise is to put your heart, your muscles and your joints in good conditions before you start the sport by increasing the muscle temperature. Even so, take care not to deplete too quickly your energy reserves ! It is also advisable to repeat these same exercises just after the sport to avoid suffering from body aches the next day.

3. Go slowly and spare his rhythm

Sports 50 years implies to adapt its activities to its capabilities, which are inevitably more limited than in the past. It is necessary to work at their own pace without rushing, in order not to submit to pushing too hard at the risk of getting hurt. Stay in all circumstances to listen to your body and, if necessary, slow down the pace or stop the activity when you start to feel pain.

If the official recommendation is to do some sport at least five days per week, however, you can start with a much lower frequency at the start : two days per week, then three, then four… until you reach the goal.

4. Practice at the right time of the day

Other council of sport for the senior to be taken into account : choose the hour to start, because physical activity does not have the same impact depending on the time of day ! As well, do sports in the morning is considered ideal for people who are overweight or who sleep poorly.

Do sport in the afternoon or early evening is recommended for seniors who suffer from muscular problems. This said, avoid making the sport too late in the evening, because a prolonged stress makes the sleep more complicated.

5. Use the right tools and materials

In the elderly, often there are accidents and pain in the muscles and tendons which are caused by the use of poor materials such as athletic shoes that are not sufficiently adapted to the morphology or the coating. Take your time to make your choice ! By the way, if you are engaged in an activity in a gym, remember to seek the advice of a sports coach, before using the machines available. Ditto, if you plan to purchase and install a device in your home.

Finally, if you (re)start practicing a sport after the age of 60, it is preferable to use the services of a professional to determine the best sport for senior tailored to your needs, depending on your age and your physical ability.

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