Seniors : reducing loss of muscle with dairy products

Muscle loss is a natural phenomenon that appears with age and decreases the physical state and immune system of seniors. Nevertheless, it is possible to limit the losses muscle by eating regular dairy products.

limiter pertes musuculaires

Loss muscle, a natural phenomenon exacerbated in the elderly

Past 30 years, the human body loses muscle each year. In effect, the muscle mass disappears little by little to leave place to the fat mass. This decrease is around a rate of 0.8 %-1 % per year during the fourth and fifth decade of the human being, a fork which goes to 1 % – 1.5% a year between 50 and 60 years old, and a 2 % -3% per year after the age of 60. In addition to leading to a loss of physical strength, this muscle loss, also called sarcopenia (or muscular dystrophy, age-related), is at the origin of a decrease in physical performance. The senior is less mobile and less comfortable in their daily movements (walking, in and out of bed, a seat, toilet, etc), and becomes much more prone to accidental falls that can cause bruising and fractures. A sarcopenia is accelerated by physical inactivity and poor diet of some elderly people will also have the effect of weakening the vital functions and increase the risk of contracting the virus.

Reducing loss of muscle is possible

The muscle wasting of older workers is mainly linked to a decrease in appetite and physical activity, it is possible to limit it by resuming the exercise (walking, gym douce, etc), and putting in place a diet thought. A targeted nutrition in protein will help fill the loss of muscle since the presence of this type of nutrients in the body is essential to the manufacturing of muscles. On the contrary, when proteins are not sufficient in food, the body will look directly into the muscle mass, weakening the latter. While 25% of seniors have intakes protidiques lower than the level recommended after the research Centre for the study and observation of living conditions, the elderly have a need for any particular protein. It is, therefore, advisable to eat well with foods that are rich in protein, such as meat, fish, eggs, pulses and dairy products.

The best dairy products to reduce the loss of muscle

Dairy products are particularly important for seniors, because they contain animal proteins, rich in amino acids than vegetable proteins. Not produced by the body, these essential amino acids must be ingested in large quantities, because they ensure the circulation of nutrients in the human body, a transmission that becomes more difficult with age. To obtain a level of protein that is senior enough, the Programme National Nutrition Health (PNNS) the government recommends that you eat four dairy products per day as opposed to three for adults. Within three balanced meals designed for a senior, it is possible to vary by consuming yogurt, milk, cottage cheese (cottage cheese, petit-suisse) and cheese. The fact of change of taste you can enjoy each of the dairy products consumed and to avoid a feeling of boredom of taste. These dairy products natural (including those with fruit) must not be confused with the dairy-based desserts (custard dessert, ice cream, creme brulee, flan, etc) which can only be considered as dairy products itself.

For elderly people who have trouble digesting, the dairy liquids are preferable. Pay attention to his hydration is also essential, notably to ensure the proper transmission in the body of the nutrients, such as proteins.

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