Seniors : meet new friends in associations !

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Loneliness is one of the main ills that befall seniors. When the lack of social interactions is made all the more pressing, it happens that some seniors fall into isolation, and even in the depression. A situation that it is possible to avoid experiencing, even being a senior, of new friends. How ? Through associations !

Association senior

Seniors : don’t fall in isolation

You have just celebrated your retirement, finally, and have every intention to take the opportunity to give you the time. After many years spent far from home, the temptation is strong to give you a few days in slippers, without putting the nose to the outside, with the exception of the garden. Remain, however, vigilant(e). The transition to retirement is a challenging transition in the domain of social interactions. Forgotten the discussions in the morning day-to-day with work colleagues. Forgotten lunches and business meetings. For little as you are party, (e) retirement a little earlier than your friends, you find very quickly very alone(e). And the solitude, when one is a senior, is not the best thing that can happen to you. To avoid depression and isolation, the solution is to participate in the community life of your neighbourhood or your city.

Use your passions to discover new friends

Friendships are formed, often around common passions. This precept is true for most young people, but also for seniors. You like diy, gardening, collections of all kinds, reading, knitting, etc ? It is a safe bet that other seniors around you are animated by the same passion. With the Internet, it has become quite easy to gather around a common passion. The information on the existing associations in your city in particular, are indeed much more accessible. While you could not before, today you have all the time you learn about the existence of an association of diy, tarot or fishing just steps from your accommodation. You will meet people who, like you, are looking for new friends with which to share around their passion. The discussion will be much longer and interesting that you have the advantage of age, with a certain lived and some experience.

The clubs senior and the volunteer to make new friends

If you don’t have a passion for a well-defined and that your only motivation is to meet other seniors, then the clubs senior citizens and the associations for seniors are made for you. These associations, or clubs, offer their members a range of varied activities at a pace that is monthly, weekly or daily. Again, the activities of the seniors practiced are often only a pretext to make new friends. Volunteering in a sports association, a charitable, cultural, etc, this also has many interests. Studies have shown, volunteering, andsocial engagement as a senior, it is good for the health ! By participating in the associative life of your city, you will stay connected to the world active. Today, the means of communication (smartphones, social networks, etc) make it more friendly relationship in just a few clicks, tweets or SMS, in all simplicity. Some even go much further to strengthen their social relationships, day-to-day by opting for colocation between seniors. An experience which, like the association for senior club or senior, has the merit of being able to be attempted.

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