Seniors : learn All about the cardiovascular disease

The first cause of death, cardio-vascular diseases affect mostly senior citizens. The cardio-vascular system, composed of the heart and its vessels, is implicated in various pathologies that may block an artery. Five diseases of the cardio-vascular of seniors are the most frequent.

maladies cardio vasculaires


Among the cardiovascular conditions capable of undermining the physical health of seniors, theatherosclerosis is a disease that weakens the arteries. It is, however, not obvious to diagnose, in the sense that this disease is free of symptoms to characterize it. When it manifests, the patient feels in general pain, dizziness, or shortness of breath recurrent. To the forefront of the causes that lead to atherosclerosis, we find thehigh blood pressure, tobacco, as well as diabetes and cholesterol. Other factors may also be mentioned. The people anxious, stressed, and those who do not practice physical activity are more likely to be involved.

High blood pressure

After smoking, thehigh blood pressure is the factor that reduces most the number of years to live in good health. With the aging effect, people face more and more risks to have a too high voltage. When the voltage of a patient 140/90 mmHg, hypertension is diagnosed. However, the higher the voltage, the greater the risk of heart attack andSTROKE are great. This disease is characterized by headache, palpitations, dizziness or altered vision. If the age plays an important role in the onset of hypertension, lack of exercise, consumption of fat, salt, alcohol, are recognized risk factors, like tobacco and stress.


STROKE means “cerebral vascular accident”. It is the third leading cause of death in the Hexagon, and the second in the world. We talk about STROKE, when a vessel is blocked or ruptured and can no longer bring the blood to the brain. STROKE is therefore a medical emergency. If a speech and/or numbness in the face or arm occurs, it is necessary to contact the emergency services. Has the image of the high blood pressure, it is the age that is the prime risk factor for stroke. From the age of 55, the incidence rate is doubling every ten years, which makes it a disease of the cardio-vascular senior very frequent. Alcohol, tobacco, and physical inactivity further facilitate the occurrence of STROKE.

Myocardial infarction

Lmyocardial infarction, more commonly known as a heart attack, you can often locate a cardio-vascular disease. The heart muscle, the myocardium, is partly destroyed when a coronary artery becomes clogged and can no longer carry oxygenated blood to the heart. This heart attack manifests itself abruptly by a sharp pain in the chest, which can also be felt in the arm or to the jaw. The heart no longer being irrigated, it is also an emergency in which the intervention has the objective of opening up of the artery. The tobacco is once again mainly incriminated in the occurrence of the infarct. Stress, diabetes and cholesterol, due to too rich a diet, are also risk factors.

The arteritis of the lower limbs

The arteritis of the lower limbs is a blockage of the arteries, but at the level of the legs. These are the senior men who are the most affected by this pathology, which is characterized by calves painful when the patient is walking. Without appropriate treatment, an amputation may be the only solution, once the leg is gangrenous. Tobacco users are a population that is more exposed.

If some age-related diseases, such as hearing problems, incontinence of the elderly, the diseases of the vision, the achievement osteo-articular diseases or gastroenterological, are debilitating, and other conditions to the image of the diseases of the lungs, of the malnutrition of the elderly, and cancer of the seniors are more of a concern. Only solution is to adopt a lifestyle beyond reproach.

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