Seniors : learn All about the diseases of the osteo-articular

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Diseases of the osteo-articular affect the entire population, but affect seniors especially. What is it ? How are they supported ? What are the preventive measures to be adopted to reduce the risk factors ?

maladies osteo-articulaire

Senior citizens and diseases of the osteo-articular

Diseases of the osteo-articular encompass a heterogeneous set of pathologies, which are related for the most part to the aging and the wear and tear of the body in connection with multiple risk factors is cumulative. Some of these diseases can cause severe pain in the limbs or inflammatory episodes, and sometimes occur after a weakening of the bone or articular system. They affect directly the physical health of seniors, and may permanently reduce their autonomy and diminish their well-being.

When physical activities are known to play a role in aggravating or triggering, and the pain to become incapacitating or disabling, diseases of the osteo-articular are then regarded as occupational illnesses by health Insurance.

What are the diseases of the osteo-articular ?

Among the diseases, osteo-articular, these include the following :
– low back pain (pain of the lumbar region), which affects approximately 20% of senior citizens;
osteoarthritis (the degradation of the articular cartilage) of the upper or lower limbs, which affects between 15 % and 25% of the over 65 years of age ;
osteoporosis (deterioration of bone mass), which affects more than 10 % of women over the age of 55, but only 5 % of men, and which may contribute to fractures of the neck of the femur ;
scoliosis (deformity of the spine), which affects 5 % of the population, in all age groups.

Diseases of the osteo-articular can lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorders : tendinopathy, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist, hygroma of the knee. Common conditions for people who work in the sectors of construction, agro-food or social action with accommodation

The support of diseases osteo-articular

The treatment of diseases of the osteo-articular is carried out mainly by the treating physician, as well as by specialists in rheumatology, rehabilitation, and (as a last resort) in orthopaedic surgery. The intervention of a physical therapist or an occupational therapist may be recommended. In addition, there are many associations that accompany patients with rheumatic pains, and involved in moral support.

Senior citizens can adopt a number of preventive measures to reduce the risk of contracting a disease osteo-articular, or to mitigate the negative effects. Among them, the fact of regular physical activity (provided that it is compatible with the disease) and to have a balanced diet is often beneficial. When tobacco and alcohol have an effect aggravating, the final judgment of the first-and consumption is more moderate in the second are essential.

Moreover, these preventive measures are very effective in other health situations, since they are known to reduce the risk of contracting many diseases of the heart, diseases of gastroenterological, diseases of lungs, diseases of the vision or common cancers among seniors. They also help moderate the diabetes such as cholesterol, to reduce hearing problems and incontinence of the elderly, and to combat the undernutrition of elderly people.

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