Small exercise on the silence

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What would music be if all the notes followed, without pause, without silence? What a tangle of sounds that would be then!

And phrases, the text without comma or point-to breathe, to take the time and savour each word in its entirety.

The silence is a blessing. Sometimes, to some, it is fear. And then turn on the tv, the radio, for ” background noise “. Or to stifle the little voice?

And if today, you decide to go out alone(e), for a long time, to walk, in silence, without speaking to anyone other than you, or by meditating, by observing what surrounds you, no questions asked. To sit on this little bench in the park. To just let your steps guide you along the canal bank… or elsewhere.

Upon your return, in a pretty notebook to write that you have selected with attention, then you could write a word, a single. A word that would encapsulate this silence, in this market. The first word that would come to mind, simply Write it in the middle of a sheet of paper, in big, tall, fat or small, or even write it many, many times, to give him life. And, if you want, if it is timely, this word, you can [‘hang in front of you, to meditate on it during your next few days. And, if you prefer to keep, if this word is secret, powerful, deep, particular, keep it in the warm, sheltered under the leaves of your mind.

Repeat this exercise regularly. At the end of a certain time, re-read all of the words you have written… and let us surprise you by the richness and the depth of your feelings.

“What kind of music, the silence ! “(Jean Anouilh)

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