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Trace elements, aigremoine, cinnamon, essential oil of ravintsara… Discover the right actions to preserve you from infections of the winter the natural way.

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Trace elements

Copper, gold and silver, against the epidemics. To protect you from winter infections, a course of a copper-gold-silver, a week, a month, or as soon as the first signs of infection for five to fifteen days (one dose in the morning). Stuffy nose or early inflammation ? Think of the Granions silver : two light bulbs in the morning and evening in the nose (antiseptic local).

Bismuth, against sore throat. A light bulb in the morning and evening as soon as the first symptoms.

Chrome, against the cravings. To help the pancreas and the liver to regulate the management of the sugar (in the winter, we eat more fatty and sweet), a light bulb of chrome all days between 16 hours and 18 hours, in the course of a month.

Aigremoine (Agrimonia evpatoriya L.)


The good gesture

The essential oil of ravintsara, an antiviral drug pocket. Inhaling a few drops placed on a handkerchief, a pillow case, shirt collar, or rub on the wrists or the soles of the feet to cut it short at the beginning of infection, and even protect against the outbreak.

As soon as the first flu-like symptoms (fatigue, aches and pains). An infusion of the leaves and flowers of aigremoine stimulates your immune defenses to fight against viruses and bacteria.

If the infection is already installed. It softens the throat, acts on the fever while draining the liver and the pancreas (also interesting after the excesses of the holidays !).

For gastroenteritis : the aigremoine is also anti-diarrheal. In practice : for an adult, a handful in a liter of hot water : leave to infuse for ten to fifteen minutes, then drink throughout the day. In case of fever and fatigue, you can add a few pieces of ginger root.

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)

Its digestive virtues are known (bloating, cramping), but it is also an anti-infective broad spectrum (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites) are effective in cases of ENT diseases, pulmonary, digestive or urinary tract. Cinnamon is also a tonic through its support of the adrenal, endocrine glands in very high demand by our active lives and stressful.

In practice. To strengthen your body, integrate it on a daily basis in your desserts or herbal tea (without abusing on the dose). Would prefer the bar or choose the powder fresh (less than a year). Its essential oil is irritating and reserved to the medical prescription.

The recipe antifrissons. As soon as the first symptoms are, heat for ten minutes in a bowl of water with a lemon cut in two and a cinnamon stick. Press the lemon, fi ltered, add a teaspoon of honey, dark brown and drink several times a day.

Thanks to Jean-Christophe Charra, general practitioner and lecturer in herbal medicine clinic.

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==> Prevent and soothe the ailments of winter with essential oils

To prepare for the winter, the essential oils stimulate the natural defenses of the body, and help to overcome colds, runny nose, bronchitis, cough and other breathing difficulties caused by the cold.

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