Tao : the way of common sense

Privilege to be “in”, listen to his deepest nature, in tune to the universe… The teaching of Lao Tzu has never been so modern. A few simple principles to live peacefully.

Pascale Senk
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Tao… three letters to say the central axis of the universe, ” where everything starts and where everything returns “. Three letters to an eastern philosophy that goes well in our time. Some of us practise it, perhaps without knowing it, as the doctrine ancestral gives them the keys to live in the power, the prosperity and the authentic. Less well-known than buddhism, often confused with the zen, the tao tells us that “what works” to foster the life. “It dulls this slice, untangles the knots, discerned in the light, assembles what, dust, disperse,” wrote its founder Lao Tzu. The sinologist Cyrille Javary is more direct : “Tao means “way”, but you could almost translate it as “thing”, he explains. With him, the Chinese invented pragmatism, smiling. “Here are the eight principles of the tao. To use without moderation.

Search for the essence, to avoid the very appearance


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“He who does not lose his root can endure “, Lao Tzu

The taoists have sought the true nature of things, an approach that invites us to go beyond appearances. Thus, in the month of November, the Chinese already see the spring. They know that it is necessary to return the earth to prepare for future blooms. The tao prefers to be “in”. “A taoist today look for simplicity in everything. Furniture convoluted, he prefers the beauty of a plain wood, explains Gérard Edde, author of the Way of the tao (The round Table). The synthetic clothes, the purity of the cotton. “

To know that one is connected to the world and the rhythms of the world are se…

“Great is heaven, great is Earth, great, the “being” Tao Te ching “, 25

The tao offers a vision of a holistic worldview, because it is based on the existence of a flow of energy transit, the ” ch’i “, which bathes both the sun and the planets that each and every human being. “Any man, because he knows that interaction with any living thing, feels so out of place in the universe,” says Galya Ortega, a specialist in massage taoist. This awareness of the ch’i is the basis of many techniques that today are very popular : feng shui, which seeks to harmonize the ch’i of a home with the energy of the people who live there, or acupuncture, which works on the energy points of the body to allow the “indoor climate” of each individual with the season arrives, and thus prevent the disease.

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