Learn all about cataract and its treatment by operation

Like many other diseases related to the eye, cataracts is a real handicap for people who suffer from it. This affection of the sight particularly affects older people. But how to recognize the symptoms ? What are the treatment options ? Cataract surgery is it always necessary ?


What is a cataract ?

It is from the sixties that one is most likely to be affected by the cataract. This disease leads to the opacification of the crystalline lens. This means that the light does not reach the retina as it should. In fact, the vision becomes blurred, while the acuity to perceive its environment is greatly diminished. It can also result in a high sensitivity to the ambient brightness, as well as all the constraints related to the problem of view dependence, loss of points of reference and of sense faculties, or even depression in the case of worsening or lack of treatment.

It assimilates mainly to the appearance of the cataract is the natural aging of the eye. Seniors are therefore the most affected. In addition, it remains difficult to define the precise cause. Nevertheless, the specialists point to a number of risk factors. Smoking, alcoholism, or malnutrition is often responsible. Overexposure to UV radiation from the sun can promote the affection. Other eye disorders (AMD, glaucoma,…) and chronic diseases of the such as diabetes, kidney problems, or high blood pressure are more likely to be affected by the cataract.

How can you recognize a cataract, and the cure ?

Recognize the early symptoms is quite difficult. In fact, the cataract is a degenerative disease that manifests over several years, or a few months in the best case. A senior with vision problems can replace his glasses in view of a decrease in acuity quite natural. However, a change of brightness, glare, contrasts unclear, dull colors, feeling foggy, or even a duplication of the objects are revealing points that must be taken seriously. Therefore, consultation with a professional is necessary.

In regards to the cataract, appropriate medication, or the use of eye drops are not enough to heal the wound. They do that to limit its progression. On the other hand, the surgical operation is one of the most commonly used in the medical field. The condition is treated as early as possible by means of a procedure as safe as it is effective. The surgeon makes an incision, and replaces the crystalline lens by an artificial implant. Depending on the equipment used and the techniques that are chosen by the physician, the cost of cataract surgery varies between € 300 for a single intervention, and more than 1 000 € for the two eyes, and the addition of an implant multifocal.

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