Working at home, from fantasy to reality

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Exercise his profession at home is the dream of many employees. Each wish to gain in efficiency, the other better reconcile professional and private life. Telework, panacea or smoke and mirrors ? Our reporter returned home to do the test.

Laurence Lemoine
– Updated on February 19, 2019 at 14:57


Office or home ?

The rain trickles on the windows of the writing, I just spend an hour in the subway, ten minutes under the shower, I’m in a bad mood. I’m going to make myself a coffee, I meet my girlfriends at the machine : “You’ve had a good weekend ? “Let’s go, I return to my office, my colleague opposite is asking me for a opinion on a book, behind a good joke. Twenty minutes have elapsed, I’m thrown for almost three hours, the days go by too fast. Metro + job + sleep = stress + burnout. I am considering : one, to relocate the office near me ; two, to build an office corner at home. I propose an article : “telework, advantages and disadvantages “. In the day, I get e-mails from my colleagues : “I’m counting on you to promote the “formula,” If you do this go in our morals, I am very grateful “.

In the afternoon, my subject is the summary of the next issue. Hey, the title has changed : “Working at home, from fantasy to reality “. I saw very well how to argue the benefits, but it seems that my chief would like that the disadvantages prevail. I am announcing my intention to investigate the field. It translates : “You want to go home with you, what. “I grab my jacket.


First day test : not everything is luxury, calm and voluptuousness. In the solitude of my sweet home, I work two times faster, two times more. In addition to that, I took my time this morning, just put on a jogging for driving in my little home of her nanny, read the press at the café, lunch in front of a DVD, unpacked, putting the music in the background, and dreamed of what I could do with these hours earned on transportation – tinker, swim, take the kids to the ride… stock of the day : telework = the time for me.

Appointment with Chine Lanzmann, coach and trainer. It follows a majority of women’s creative company. I share his opinion : “Work at home, is a promise of performance. In general, this choice comes at the arrival of the children, in order to better balance professional life and family life. Home installation is also a response to boredom, the feeling of having reached a glass ceiling, and a need for autonomy and creativity. Moreover, it often leads to a independent activity. “I entrust that my head is not too much for. And that, in conversation on my laptop this morning, I was asked for my landline number. I felt monitored. She observes : “telework requires mutual trust. If you want to reassure your hierarchy, give him first the opportunity to express its fears, it is a basic principle of nonviolent communication, a process developed in the 1970s by the american psychologist Marshall Rosenberg. That fear she ? That everyone do the same ? You get to work less ? That the communication goes less well ? Reference to these points will help them to better accept your motivations. “


It could go on lollipop. I let my alarm clock to ring five times before I lift, I like to lounge about in my bath, carefree, I will work longer this evening. In the morning, bug on my computer, I put an hour to resolve the problem for ten minutes in the log with our engineer of record. 11 o’clock, I fight with my neighbor, who wants me pervert with a cup of tea. 14 hours, the nanny called, my son has fever, I’m not far, I’m not going to ask her father to return. I try to work during his nap, the babysitter sounds, inspection of the valves, there is a water leak in the building. Out of inspiration, my colleagues are not there to distract me or for me re-motivate. I’m still jogging, shaggy, limit désocialisée. My boss calls : “In fact, you saw the folder of Obs (n° 2262 – march 13 to 19, 2008) on work-related stress ? There was a guy who said that he was past telecommuting to be more cool, but that, in the end, he was even more stressed out. “

I met Luce Janin-Devillars, a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst and coach. It accompanies, at the request of their employer, employees encouraged to switch to teleworking. “Sometimes, the proposal is perceived as a liberation : finished the hierarchy, the hours, the promiscuity, it is a relief. Sometimes, the loss of part of the business can be very anxiety-provoking. Some do not know to organize and wander between the fridge and the tv. The others are working without knowing when to stop, for fear of being forgotten by the company. The distance often creates the fear of the closet or termination. “

The other major difficulty : to know how to erect barriers between the private sphere and the professional sphere. As a psychoanalyst, Luce Janin-Devillars works with employees relocated on ” the representation of time, the containers psychic who must find a translation in space, and the notion of limit “. She notes that ” working at home can have a beneficial effect on family relations : who has the right to touch the computer, when it can disturb the one who works, who does the shopping, so many opportunities to redefine the rules, the prohibited, the difference between the sexes and generations “. Its vision : “telecommuting is not so idyllic as we think it is, but we can make this change is not always desired, an opportunity of personal growth. “

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