Live better and longer by exercising regularly

The regular practice of physical activity helps to maintain its shape and fight against the onslaught of the time, especially after 50 years. Among the seniors, the practice of a sport that develops endurance, strengthens muscles and bones, ensures flexibility and reduces the risk of diseases, including cardio-vascular. In sum, the sport after 50 years, it is the major asset of a good quality of life !

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Live longer… and live better

Move more live longer but also live better. The figures speak for themselves : in 2040, 21 million French people will be aged over 60. In 2050, Insee expects an average life expectancy of 82 years for men and 90 years for women. The senior citizens of today are no longer those of yesterday. Retirement, far from mean the end of life, marks instead the beginning of a new one. This is why the practice of the sport 50 years and beyond is of paramount importance, because it guarantees quality of life and autonomy. It allows you to combat the effects of aging : the body loses its endurance, motor skill, muscle mass. It becomes more stiff and susceptible to pain. Result : the morale also takes a hit. Today, 1 French on 2 55 to 64 years of age taking part in sporting activities. Fifteen minutes per day are enough to cause a drop of 14 % mortality at three years. So, why not continue or resume an activity to live longer, live better, and with a smile ?

The benefits of sport after 50 years

Live longer and in better health after the age of 50, it is possible with the regular practice of a sport activity. Past 50 years, the muscles lose each year 1 % to 2 % of their density. The regular practice of a sport allows you to fight the effects of aging on the bones, but also to prevent the onset of many diseases. The sport among seniors allows you to :
• limit the increase of the blood pressure ;
• fight against the risk of cardio-vascular ;
• prevent (or stop development of diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cancers, etc ;
• contribute to the prevention of Alzheimer’s through a good match between a sport and memory.

What sports practice when one is a senior ?

Practicing a sports activity when you are a senior, it’s good, but what sports should be the priority ?
• If you have never stopped practicing a sport activity regularly, don’t change anything !
• If you do not practice no activity for several years, you need a sport that is suited to your abilities. Opt rather for an endurance sport (jogging, walking, cycling) that enables you to produce an effort long and not very intense, rather than an effort short and too brutal. And start by spending a full medical check-up.

In 50 years, no sport is forbidden : gymnastics, swimming, walking, jogging, cycling, golf, tennis, fitness, yoga, martial arts… Any physical activity will help to strengthen your muscles and bones, and to keep the diseases away. The key is to listen to your body and adapt your practice to your physical abilities : the aim is to also live longer ! And practice, if possible, at several : it is both more rewarding socially, and more secure.

The sport is good for morale

The sport of the seniors is also a great way to feel better in his skin : by practicing a sport regularly, you sociabilisez and, in addition, your body produces endorphins – the “hormones of happiness” ! Enough to live longer and keeping the smile. So what are you waiting for, jump into your sneakers ?

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